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Sunvida Shilajit ©

Sunvida Shilajit ©

84+ minerals promoting healthy DNA, bodily functions & overall health

Checkmark Icon Healthy testosterone levels in men †

Checkmark Icon Powerful adaptogen for stress relief †

Checkmark Icon Anti-Inflammatory and antioxidant †

Checkmark Icon Supports healthy skin complexion †

Checkmark Icon Improves overall brain function †

Each Jar = 60 Day Supply ($1 Per Day)

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Sunvida Shilajit ® is a complex resin rich with fulvic acid, humic acid, vitamins, enzymes, tocopherols, bioflavonoids, & antioxidants.

It's been researched for benefits supporting brain health†, testosterone production†, skin health†, reproductive health†, antioxidant properties†, and much more... Shilajit is no joke.

There are 117 mentions of Shilajit published on the National Library of Medicine. Studies conducted on both human & animal models.


Purified Altai Shilajit Resin.

Zero additives or fillers.


0.5 grams / 500mg per day†

Dosage may be increased according to your needs. Take daily, in the morning or at night. We recommend mornings.

Measure your desired dose of Shilajit. Place into any warm beverage of your choice.

Always thoroughly wash the measuring spoon before and after every use.

*Use as directed by your healthcare provider.
If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, or have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any supplement.


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We don't outsource to third parties.

Ships from Los Angeles, CA

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No Fillers

Altai Range


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How To Use

Place into a cup of water, tea, milk, or coffee to dissolve.
For best results, take shilajit daily during mornings.
500mg per day.

† Results are notable after 60-90 days.

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Zero Cut Corners
Tested For Heavy Metals
Tested For Microbials
72-77% Fulvic acid content
Miron Glass Packaging
Transparent Sourcing

Our 30 Day Solar-Cycle Risk Free Guarantee

It's a no brainer right?

Try it Risk-Free for 30 days!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great shilajit

Best shialjit I've had, tastes good and I feel more powerful throughout the day

Alex B.

Good stuff


Is Shilajit safe to take?

Shilajit has been used and documented for thousands of years in traditional medicine and is known to be incredibly safe for daily use.

When properly purified, packaged, and stored it has zero side effects.

If you need extra confirmation, here is a quote from an article published on the National Library Of Medicine.

"It is a potent and very safe dietary supplement, restoring the energetic balance and potentially able to prevent several diseases."

Shilajit: A Natural Phytocomplex with Potential Procognitive Activity

Is there any legitimate research on Shilajit?

There absolutely is.

You can check the National Library of Medicine to read through 117 studies conducted on Shilajit. Both on human and animal models.

There have been a few well-conducted double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trials on shilajit such as Clinical evaluation of purified Shilajit on testosterone levels in healthy volunteers

We encourage doing your own research via PubMed.. you'll be surprised what you find!

What makes you different?

We're more than a product.

SunVida is a mission.

The modern world has gone toxic and we're reclaiming our health. Our core focus is doing research, creating content and building community.

Regardless of whether you purchase our product or not... so follow along!

Our brands research account: @sunvidaresearch

How soon will I experience the benefits of Shilajit?

Based on our experience and the clinical research around Shilajit, 60-90 days consistently will yield results.

Consume a full 30gram jar of Sunvida Shilajit over the course of 60 days.

We promise you won't regret it!

Should I choose Himalayan or Altai mountain Shilajit resin?

Both are effective.

However it's more common for Himalayan Shilajit sourced from India and Pakistan to be fake compared to Altai Shilajit from from Kosh-Agach.

It's typically very liquid meaning it was watered down and cut with cheap fillers. Shilajit in it's natural form is very thick, much like tar.

This is why we work closely with a safely guarded mine in the Altai range between Kazakhstan and Russia.

Our third party lab reports are very in depth and actually tested for Authenticity. View here.

Where and how do you source your Shilajit?

Our Shilajit is harvested directly from the Altai mountain ranges between Mongolia & Kazakhstan.

Unlike other companies we are very transparent with the source of our product. Our packaging contains detailed info of its origin.

If you're consuming it... you need to know where it comes from.

Other companies are not as open and honest about their product as we are.

How do I store my Shilajit?

Since we pack our Shilajit in Ultra-Violet Biophotonic Miron glass you're free to store it anywhere without the risk of it losing potency.

Other brands who use clear, frosted, and amber glass can lose potency.

How is Shilajit Resin taken?

Shilajit resin is most commonly taken with your beverage of choice.

It's much easier and quicker to dissolve the resin in warm drinks.

You can take it in your tea, with warm water, warm milk, coffee etc.

If you feel bold and daring you can even take it straight... but be warned, the taste isn't too great!

Does Shilajit have a shelf life?

Shilajit indeed has a very long shelf life. It's good for around 3 years after the manufacturing date.

Since we use miron glass it's life can be greatly extended beyond that.

Our 30 gram jars are only a 2 month supply so you have plenty of time to consume it before it's bad.

Can women take shilajit?

Of course, Shilajit isn't a gender specific supplement, but a human supplement. Research suggests it has great benefits for women.

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